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Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System

[ What is the Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System (TSRS)? It is a tabletop RPG designed to be light on rules and heavy on roleplaying. Most guidelines are optional so GMs can modify, add or drop whatever they wish. GMs can also submit their changes to the site for others to use. And the best part? The entire system is free! All guidelines, support tools, monster books and adventures can be found at the Downloads page. ]

November 25th, 2015

Well, well, well. Finally, an update. I have neglected to update the website in quite a few months but don't think I haven't been busy. I've completed a considerable amount of work in the last several months (some background efforts too, see next paragraph)... I'm 95% done with the writing of "God Slayers", the final book in the False Promises series. This book will be the biggest adventure written to date, coming in between 40-44 pages when completed (but possibly another four pages depending on KS stretch goals). Over half the artwork is done, and almost all of the cartography is complete. There are about a dozen and a half illustrations and another thirteen to fourteen maps. This book is full of material - my art budget exploded past $1200 for this single book alone! I've moved from font size 8 to 10 for better reading; customers have requested an increase to the font size and I've adapted to that request. I plan on starting the Kickstarter project sometime in the week of November 30th - December 4th. Stay tuned for that news soon!

Behind the scenes, I've been working in a vast amount of material for several efforts: In October, I wrote 2 adventures for a local con that I plan to publish in 2016; "Halloween Goes to Hell" is a multi-genre adventure that is a lot fun to play. A yet unnamed Espionage adventure was written to playtest the new variant rules - it wasn't played due to a lack of players at the con, but is on the playtest schedule in December for one of my groups. Two other adventrues are playtested: "The Shambling Thieves" and "The Wicked, Woeful Web". These need art and editing before release, likely in early 2016. These four are destined for print projects. For free download adventures, "Walking Dead into Umfall", "The Enemy Within", and one other yet unnamed fantasy adventure will probably get wrapped up early next year.

Part of the playtest schedule is working through the new v2 guidelines for the game system. After years of playing, savvy players have discovered how to "game" the system in certain ways; v2 seeks to rectify some of those issues. These new guidelines will be available for free review on the downloads page sometime in December, once we've tested them a bit further. Part of the reason we've been pushing so hard on the the v2 front is that we're trying to get the guidelines to adapt to the five genre system (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Espionage, Horror, and Western) revisions. Late in 2016, I plan to release a new v2 book or boxed set that highlights all five genres with sample adventures for each. This will be a huge undertaking but I feel it's necessary to tie off that loose thread in my company design strategy.

I'm changing my release schedule a bit to include a new award submission adventure. I've had an idea for a good single player adventure that I want to use as an award submission piece for end of 2016 RPG award circuit. My project outline is very ambitious: full color, 24-32 pages, single player, multi-system. I've already talked to a few artists who are onboard with the project for early next year. I think this book will be my best adventure to date!

I've been working with an author of TSR fame on some new work and hope to have a collaborative piece (or series) in 2016... I can't really say too much about this at the moment, but let's just say that I 'm very excited about some of the ideas and work already created! Stay tuned for more information.

2016 should also see the completion of the four part Serpent Queen series. Part 2, "Island of Blight" will probably be ready in February/March, with the last two books coming in third and fourth quarters respectively. "In Defense of Thuil" started this project earlier this year, and now that the False Promises series is wrapping up, I can push to get this second series completed!

I still have several more projects in the long-term queue (end of 2016, early 2017), including a multi-level megadungeon (14 levels), and a new fantasy series in a new world outside Ornaklia. I'm hoping to work with new artist/creator on a unique world that uses the TSRS guidelines; that conversation is in its infancy and will probably not fully complete until late 2016 or early 2017. I'm never short on ideas and plans, eh?

Well, that's all for now. An update should appear when the "God Slayers" Kickstarter launches. Until then, enjoy! -Thom

July 21st, 2015

I realized today that I haven't updated the website in over a month! Well, I've been working on a few things, so let's update you on where we are.

On July 2nd, our "False Promises" group met for the third session and nearly completed the adventure. The details are found here. When we meet again, we'll wrap up "False Promises" and move directly in to "Fury of Thringalesh". Last Saturday, I GM'd a 5th edition group playing through "The Shambling Thieves" (working title). This adventure will be published for TSRS and 5th edition sometime in 2016. I'm not publishing any campaign notes to avoid spoilers; plus, I need to make a few minor changes to the adventure before another playtest. My 2nd playtest group of Colby, Steve and Kristina (and hopefully Kris next time) will meet again sometime in August to finish the adventure and begin the next part (this is not a series like most of my work but there is a hook for a nearby adventure). They'll find that they're not quite done with Samas and the arch-mage Kellek.

I've begun writing "God Slayers" for the end of August release. Most of the hard work was completed in the detailed outline, so what I'm doing now is the prose elements. I hope to have the book written by end of July, maps and illustrations in early August. Right now, this is shaping up to be a 32+ page book. I'm not sure what the final page count will be until it's fully written but there is enough content to really push to that many pages. This could have easily been split into 2 parts (book 3 and 4) but it's meant as a 3 part series so we'll stick to that design.

"Island of Blight" will follow up in September - this will be a short interlude adventure that is part of the "Trail of the Serpent Queen" series but if skipped, will have little bearing on the series outcome. This will likely be 16 pages but will have a cool player handout booklet (or downloadable booklet) with it. I'm quite fond of this series and although I've mentioned that it's a 4 part adventure, the Serpent Queen may resurface in a later series.

I've been invited as a Special Guest to the local Sticks & Stones convention in October - for that one day event, I'm running 2 adventures; a TSRS Espionage variant playtest adventure, and a themed scenario entitled "Halloween Goes To Hell", a bizzaro, gory, comical adventure that designed as a TPK. Check out the con website for more details.

As for the rest of the year, I do plan on getting the 3rd book out for the Serpent Queen series but there may be a few cool surprises in the works. It's too early to discuss those right now, but if either of those materialize, it may change my release schedule to some degree. Stay tuned!

June 12th, 2015

The dust has finally settled from a busy May... I printed and sold 3 books in May in preparation for the 2015 North Texas RPG Con and it was a tough road to the day before the Con. I finally got everything together with a couple of days to spare. Note to self: I'm never going to try to put out that many books in one shot ever again!

The NTRPGCon was excellent! If you're looking for one con to attend, this is the one to do. I met several legends of the industry, including Merle Rassmussen, Tracy Hickman, Zeb Cook, Steve Winter, Erol Otus, Darlene, Jeff Dee, Frank Mentzer, and Tim Kask. Additionally, I met up with several modern day icons like Jeff Talanian, Zach Glazar, Bill Barsh, Allan Grohe, and others. Bad Mike and Doug Rhea put on one hell of a show! I could do a full rundown of the weekend but that seems like too much work still. Perhaps more to come on this later.

Just before I left, the Kickstarter for "In Defense of Thuil" finished in at $1186, over the the $500 goal. This is a 2nd printing and is over and above the 75 printed in the initial printing. If you are interested in either printing, please let me know by sending me an email HERE. Additionally, if you are interested in the NTX Exclusives (either "The Great Minecart Race"or "Scavenge the Sands"), also send me an email.

In the next few days, I'll *FINALLY* be adding the extra content for these 3 books in the Downloads page of the site. Each book has one or more additional PDFs of content that didn't make it in the initial book - most of this content is support information. I didn't want to clutter the pages with extra "stuff". Check the Downloads page often for extra content, including the upload today of the Journal pages from "Scavenge the Sands".

I'm continuing with the Sci-Fi variant work - "Scavenge the Sands" played very well at the con last weekend - the melee and ranged weapon mechanics (including the shotgun) worked great, so its on to the ship configuration and battle mechanics next. Lastly, I'll return to the mutations section and add more meat there. After some additional playtesting, we should have a release date (likely around July/August).

I've started writing the last book in the "False Promises" series entitled "God Slayers". This is going to be a longer book and will probably be out in August. So until next time, enjoy!

May 24th, 2015

It has been several busy weeks as I prepare and print 3 books by the 4th of June! The long awaited "In Defense of Thuil" is finally going to print this week (likely the 26th or 27th), producing 75 first print copies. The Kickstarter that ends on June 3rd will print another 25-50 2nd print copies. If you're interested in a first printing, you should contact me asap as I only have a few left unclaimed. There is still time to get a 2nd print through Kickstarter: Kickstarter - In Defense of Thuil. There are 10 days left to get a copy!

In addition to this book, I'm printing 2 special books for the North Texas RPG Con on June 4-7. These 2 digest sized adventures are: "The Great Minecart Race", a TSRS and 5th edition fantasy adventure, and "Scavenge the Sands", a TSRS and 5th edition science fiction adventure using the new sci-fi variant due out later this year. These are only being sold at the convention - if you *MUST* have a copy, email me and I'll see what I can do.

My next book will be out in August - "God Slayers" wraps up the 3 part series started in January. This will likely be a 32 page book with loads of art and cartography. Like "In Defense of Thuil", it will be a multi-system design (TSRS, 1E, 5E). Well, that's it for this post. I'm back to work, putting the finishing touches on the last book for NTX. Enjoy!

April Fools, 2015

Just a quick update today as things are busy on every possible front! I've uploaded the supplemental content for "The Miller's Blunder" (March Mythoard) - this content was removed from the book before it was published but is useful as it adds more to the back-story. You can find it here for download. Note that the adventure itself is *ONLY* available through

I'm attending the North Texas RPG Con in June and have signed myself up to writing and printing two exclusive adventures: "The Great Minecart Race" (TSRS and 5e) and "Scavenge the Sands" (TSRS-SciFi variant and 5e). These will be digest sized, approximately 16-24 pages in length each, and will *ONLY* be available in June at the convention. "Scavenge the Sands" is completely written and requires a good playtest to make sure it's okay. I begin work on "The Great Minecart Race" in early May.

I've also completely written "In Defense of Thuil", the first book in the next series. I'm currently working with Lucas on the cover art and Monkey Blood Design on the first of 2 maps. This should release at the end of April. In May, the last book in the False Promises series will go to print - "God Slayers" wraps that series up with 28-32 pages and three system design (TSRS, 1e, 3e). I'll update the website over the next few months with more details as needed. Going to be a busy few months!

Finally, on the Colossevm front, I finally managed to get the last piece of the puzzle working last night! php talks to Oracle now - I will now begin writing the front end to the game and should hope to have a very basic pre-Alpha system by June. For those wondering where I'll get the time to write code while writing all the TSRS material, have no fear. I can live on less sleep and PS3 activity! Until next time, enjoy!

March 18, 2015

Eleven days, where did they go? This is what happens when the plate is overflowing. Although I'm the one spooning the extra helpings on. Anyway, here's an update to a few things:

I finally sent off the March exclusive to Mythoard yesterday. It was nice to get that out the door before I leave this weekend to Texas (no, not a convention or anything, but a family wedding). The March Mythoard package looks great already, with BadMike's Books adding Judges Guild material and GameMash putting in tokens. My little digest makes sure that subsrcibers have a new adventure to play! If you haven't checked out Mythoard, you really should!

As for writing, I've just finished the first rough draft of "In Defense of Thuil". I have to restructure it for the new format (3 systems - 1E, 5E, TSRS) and then it's off to get edited. I'm already working with Lucas on the cover illustration, and have sent off the preliminary map to Moneky Blood Design for ideas. I've decided to source out the cartography going forward - Glynn from Moneky Blood is an amazing map maker and will do a much better job than I. You can check out his work here. I hope I can afford to continue to use his services for the next several books! This series alone has four books!

I will begin writing "God Slayers" next week. This final book of the three part Sivona/Darkhome series will be a big one - my outline details look like they will probably fill 28 to 32 pages, maybe more depending on how it goes. This series conclusion will be impressive... not all will survive the finale. Although the first two books in the series were written exclusively for BECMI with a separate printing for TSRS, I'm considering writing this as a three system book as well. If I do that, it makes the third book different than the first two... but doing the layout twice like the first two books, especially with this being a larger book, makes me cringe. I'm 51% leaning toward a single printing, 3 system book.

On the Colossevm front, I'm at a standstill with my db/php server. I can't get php to connect to the database layer - this has prevented any work on the front end of the game. Before I leave for texas, I'm going to hand off my server to the guy who built it in the first place to see if he can figure it out. We've troubleshooted over a dozen common issues and configurations, but none of the changes have worked. Something else is wrong and it's not in my skill set to figure them out - I'm a database administrator and developer, not a Linux server admin or PHP specialist! Hopefully, when I return from Texas, he'll have figured it out. Until next time, enjoy!

March 7, 2015

The cold and snowy New England weather is both a blessing and a curse. Although I'm tired of the perpetual snowstorm and record breaking colds that we're living in, it does allow me more time for writing and general gaming work. I've used this winter to get quite a bit of writing done, especially on the two series I started last year. 2015 is going to turn out to be an incredibly productive year with respect to RPG books; much of the first 4-5 books published this year were partly/mostly written in 2014. We've already published 2 books in the first series, and the first 2 books in the second series are already written and playtested. Last year, I wrote the sci-fi variant guidelines and after a bit more playtesting, will be available for free download sometime this year. Finally making some headway!

This week, I'm putting the finishing touches on the first book in the new jungle series, "In Defense of Thuil". It was written for my TSRS Guidelines, but I've decided to make it a 3 system crossover book; I'm revising the text to include rules/stats for 1E AD&D, 5E D&D, and TSRS. This will likely take the rest of the week to complete. I do have a major design roadblock with this book and am looking for feedback on what people would like to see - one book with the adventure and all rule/stat differences in line, or two books with the second book containing the differences. I'm at a crossroads with this design issue but will probably land on a solution in the next 2 days and go with it.

I'm really excited about this new series. For one, I'm designing the books to have an old-school, detachable cover. Secondly, it's an "all-in-one" design, usable with three systems! This makes the book more useful for GMs. Plus, I don't have to do multiple layouts and printings for each system. Lastly, I'm using new software for the covers and so far, it's very nice looking. I'm happy with how things are going!

One last thing - I've written an exclusive adventure for! It is available this month but you have to sign up for the March subscription to get it. I will not be offering it for sale here so if you would like to have this 20 page digest, sign up at Enjoy!

February 21, 2015

Just a quick note today. For all of you who have paid for a copy of Fury of Thringalesh - they were mailed yesterday and today. Most of you should start seeing them early next week. Keep your eye out here for the status of book 3, God Slayers which will be out in late March or early April.

Additionally, I've just finished a new and simplified Adventurer Sheet (version TSRS1310) - this new sheet is very generic and can be used for TSRS Fantasy (core) and the upcoming Sci-Fi variant. You can find it on the downloads page. Enjoy!

February 17, 2015

I just realized this morning that I've been so busy writing, editing, drawing maps, and working with illustrators, that I've forgotten to update my website! It's sorely overdue, so here's an update on where we are with things:

For those of you who have purchased a copy of Fury of Thringalesh, your wait is nearly over. They are being printed this week, likely Thursday/Friday, and should ship out on Saturday. If we get yet another NE storm and my printer closes for a day, we might instead ship early next week. The weather has wreaked havoc on us this year! Lucas has done an amazing job again with the art in this book; the cover is spectacular! I think you will all enjoy the second book in this series. The third and final book (God Slayers) in the series is due out in late April or early May. This book will be bigger than the previous two and will conclude the False Promises series.

A new, second series begins in March - Trail of the Serpent God takes takes the adventurers from southern Wynhelm and deep in to the jungles of Nolgur-Wul. The series begins with In Defense of Thuil (March) and is quickly followed up with Island of Blight (April/May). The third book in the four part series, Trail of the Serpent God will release sometime in June or July. The last book in the series will likely be out around September.

Several more books are in the works and should be available for free here or for a small fee for the PDF on DriveThruRPG. Check the release calendar for more details. Additionally, my Sci-Fi rules variant is ready for testing... if I could just get my playtesters together! These will likely be available sometime in the second quarter of this year. I'm already outlining an adventure that follows up the starter scenario from the guidelines.

I've booked my hotel and registration for North Texas RPG Con for June - I'm thinking about producing an exclusive adventure for the convention - I'm going to solicit attendees for their thoughts and interest. Regardless of that outcome, I'm planning to run a few BECMI and TSRS sessions at the con. It should be a blast!

Well, that's it for now. I have several more adventure books planned but need to find a way to fit them in my already packed schedule! Enjoy!

January 27, 2015

Sitting here laughing at the underwhelming snow from storm Colbie/Juno, I decided I'd post an update on TG work. Half of the interior art for "Fury of Thringalesh" (FoT) is complete - Lucas should finish up the rest by week's end. The color cover can be seen below in the 1/20 update. Although this book will have the same page count as the first book in the series (False Promises), it will have one additional interior illustration. I hope to send it off to my printer next Monday.

I have two other books to write/complete/print before March - I'm signed up to write an exclusive for for their March box; I have the story outlined and partially written and will easily be done in time. Once Lucas has finished his work for FoT, I'll ask him for additional illustrations for this book. Also in March, I plan to print the first book in a new four part series, "Trail of the Serpent God"... the first book is entitled "In Defense of Thuil" and is about 85% written. I have a few ideas for this series - I'm thinking of printing it as a digest-sized book, and having it as a 3 system crossover (TSRS, 1E AD&D, and 5E D&D)... I'm not sure yet if I will do that or not but I don't have to decide yet - I always write the adventures as system neutral to start. The second part of this new series is already 50% written as well. "Island of Blight" should be ready by May or June. Parts 3 ("Trail of the Serpent God") and 4 (yet to be named) will follow later in the year. Note that the third and final book in the False Promises series will be ready in April/May.

I still have yet to get all my playtesters together to test out the Sci-Fi variant of TSRS - there is a simple 3 page starter scenario in the guidelines that I'm hoping to get three players to run through. Honestly, nearly all the mechanics of the science fiction variant overlap the fantasy mechanics except for two new areas: advanced ranged weapons (guns, both gunpowder and energy) and ship combat. Psionics work similarly to Magical Arts, at least in the basic concept - using MP (in the Sci-Fi variant, these are Mind or Mental Points) to do whatever is within your specialization. Psionics or mental powers could actually be used in a Super Hero type system too (hmm... a new variant?). Although we won't be able to test ship combat, we should be able to playtest advanced ranged weapons and Psionics. We just have to get the group together!

On the Colossevm front, I've ordered a new database server to prepare for the upcoming pre-Alpha testing. I'm expecting it this week, and hoping to have it fully built out with Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle 12c by early next week. I'm also going to put the web server on this too, mainly to simplify the testing and hardware footprint in my home office. Although all the core backend code is done, I have much of the PHP code to write in the next 3 months. I've designed the PHP flow and have much of the high level work planned out, but have to actually write the code! Note that I've written applications using OPAL for years so this will not be difficult once I begin. I'm shooting for a late 2015Q2 pre-Alpha test, early 2015Q3 Alpha, and Beta(s) in late 2015Q3 or early 2015Q4.

Well, thats it for now. As you can see, I have several books and thousands of lines of code to write in the next 6 months. I'd better get to work! Enjoy!

January 20, 2015

Things are coming along well with the 2nd book in the False Promises series. I've completed all maps except one and Lucas should begin work on the interior illustrations tomorrow. His cover is complete and is quite beautiful:

"Fury of Thringalesh" should be ready by mid-February as planned. The book has 20 packed pages, several maps and illustrations, and will take the adventurers across the borders of Darkhome. The D&D version is meant for 3-5 characters of 2-4th level. I'm still taking pre-orders but I'm getting close to the first print final count. Contact me HERE if you are interested in getting a B/X copy. The third book in the False Promises series will be titled "God Slayers" and is targeted for April/May.

I'm putting the last touches on the first book of the next series, "In Defense of Thuil". This book will take starting adventurers from Wynhelm in to the dark and forbidding jungles of Nolgur-Wul. It's fully playtested and ready for editing and art. This book should be available in March. I'm also working on an exclusive OSR book for for their March subscribers. If you're not familiar with their site, you should definitely check them out! I've signed up for a few months and throughly enjoyed the first box in December - I'm eagerly awaiting the January box!

The 2nd book in the jungle series is already written and playtested as well. "Island of Blight" will probably be printed in the April to June timeframe. I've been holding off on this series because I'm trying to figure out if I want them printed for OSR or 5E... (additionally created with the TSRS in mind, playtested as such).

After these, I have several ideas I'm working on including: a book that has simple adventures spanning one every two pages (meant to be fill ins when the GM needs a quick cave, catacomb or house), a mega-dungeon series (started several times and put down due to other work), and a high level solo adventure. Enjoy!

January 12, 2015

Just a quick update today... Work is nearly complete with the second book of the three book "False Promises" series; Fury of Thringalesh has been written, edited, and the layout is complete. Lucas (my artist) is completing the cover image this week and should have all the b&w interior art done by next week. The books should get printed in the last week of January. That means...

...We're taking pre-orders for the new book! Each 20 page book is numbered and signed. The book has a color cover with a b&w interior. The costs of the book are: (1) collector copy to the USA: $20, (2) collector copies to the USA: $35; (1) collector copy outside USA: $30, (2) collector copies outside USA: $48. Send your PayPal payment to and indicate your mailing address and the number of copies in your message. If you missed out on the first book, I have a handful of copies left - I can add one in for an extra $20 (while supplies last, I think I have 10 left). Enjoy!

January 3, 2015

Happy New Year to all! May 2015 be a wonderful year for everyone!

We finally had a chance to continue our play of "False Promises" two nights ago. Details are here.

I'm just finishing the layout of "Fury of Thringalesh", the second book in a 3 part series - it too will be printed in B/X D&D and TSRS versions like book one ("False Promises"). The details of the color cover illustration have been sent to Lucas; he will begin working on it on Monday. Once my layout is done, I'll send him the B&W illustration details. I'll begin working on the maps after layout. The "end of January" time frame is still good.

I sold about 65 copies of "False Promises" and hope to do the same with "Fury of Thringalesh" but there is a chance I may sell over 200 copies of the TSRS version of the second book to a company I've been talking with that runs a monthly subsrciption service... no names yet until it has been finalized but I'm hoping that it works out! I'm also signed up as a guest author for their continuing series adventure. Looking forward to it!

I've finished the rough draft of the Science Fiction variant which includes a short 3 page starter adventure. I'm hoping to playtest that very soon but already have several ideas for a few digital adventures for the site. Like most of my work, the Sci-Fi Guidelines and the next few adventures will be free to download here at the site.

Lastly, I'm going to continue to work on a few nearly completed adventures for free download here. Once FoT is done, I'll try to complete 1 or 2 of those before working on the third book, "God Slayers". With the additional guest author work and a new series for 5E/TSRS coming in March, I'll be a bit busy! Enjoy!

December 15, 2014

False Promises is printed and shipping out today and tomorrow. If you bought one, it will be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon! Next up on my agenda is to upload the PDF copy to DriveThruRPG (RPGNow), then to reorganize the TSRS version for a super-limited print run, likely around 12-20 copies. Fine tuning of Fury of Thringalesh continues. I'm up to around 25 pages of triple spaced text - that should result in about the same number of pages as the first book (after editing and illustrations). I hope to have illustration desriptions out to Lucas in the next 2 weeks.

We playtested part two (Island of Blight) of the four part series Trail of the Serpent God last week and it went well. Playtesters liked the mystery and play elements - the testing revealed a few gaps in the story that I've got to adjust (the reason why we playtest!). This series will take the adventurers east into the jungles of Nolgur-Wul. Once I've wrapped up Fury of Thringalesh for print, I'll begin work on part three of this series.

Not too much else to report at the moment - just working hard on completing all the outstanding work. Enjoy!

December 1, 2014

Work continues on several fronts: After my first print proof of "False Promises" (part one), I've changed the cover to handle the spine issue (seen here: Photobucket Slideshow). I should have a new print proof in the next day or two - assuming it's clean, I'll get 60-65 printed up this week. Then I should be able to pack them up this weekend, and ship them all out early next week!

I'm completing part two of the "False Promises" series (layout and editing, preparing for illustrations), and I'm starting the rough draft of "God Slayers", part three of the FP series. I've decided that I will release parts two and three of the FP series through a couple of channels only (right here at my website, Facebook, and Acaeum). I expect "Fury of Thringalesh" to be ready for print in January, and "God Slayers" in March or April.

My rough draft of the TSRS Science Fiction variant is about 75% complete - it's being reviewed by three different playtesters right now. I hope to playtest it sometime in December/January when my work is completed. It takes the TSRS rules and adapts to the SciFi genre... the Blessed and Magical Arts training styles have been removed and replaced with Science and Psionics. New advanced missile weapons (pistols, rifles, etc.) have created a need for new combat mechanics. For example, advanced missile weapons have three types: aimed, burst, and spread - these resolve differently than your standard weapon in combat. Additionally, I've created the guidelines for starship creation and combat, mutations, and new species and foes. I'm very excited about the variants! My son Ben is already working on the Western variant, specifically with a weapon handbook.

While we complete the rough draft revisions and playtest the SciFi variant, I'll continue to write/complete the work that is outstanding: there are four adventures for TSRS that *NEED* to be completed - these are a priority for me over the next 3-6 months. I also have a solo adventure that I want to print for GenCon 2015 submission - it will be released for TSRS and D&D 5e - it will need to be completed by April or May to make the cutoff I believe.

There seems to be too much work for one person but this system is my passion and I love writing. I'm going to continue to write TSRS work (including D&D, AD&D and 5e D&D variants) as long as you all keep buying my work!

Wow. One more month to go and it's 2015. Can't believe it.

November 18, 2014

One week after taking orders for "False Promises", we've capped the print run to 60 copies. There will be a few left over with most going to paying customers. I'm sending the files off to the local printer today and should see a proof in the next 2 days. I'm hoping they can print a color background but if they can't we'll likely go with a glossy white cardstock. I really hope the local printer does a great job with these - with several more print runs in the next year, it would be great to support a local business (with the associated conveniences).

I attended a small CT convention this past weekend - EllisCon, in Danielson. It was a great little con, with more attendees than I would have expected. The focus was mostly on MTG and board games, and although I ran TSRS there, I really didn't get many players interested in FRPs... but it looks like the table for Pathfinder was relatively quiet too. I think the con attendees were really focused on many of the newer games, with a few old favorites: Star Wars X-Wing, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, MTG, and a few new card games I've never seen before (BigFootses?). It was fun to head out to the east side of the state for some gaming! And it was great to finally meet up with James Carpio! Next up will be AnonyCon in Stamford CT (if schedule permits) or TotalCon in February.

Well, time to get back at it. Until next time, enjoy!

November 12, 2014

The Kickstarter project for "False Promises" didn't reach its funding goal, but we're goint to print it anyway! Click this link for more details.

Other news: The writing for "Fury of Thringalesh" (part 2 of the FP series) is done but requires editing, art, and finished maps. We're on target for a January release. After the last KS misfire, I may only release this with the offline method - so, if you're ordering "False Promises" through this website, check back here for release dates and orders for part 2.

I'm trying out a local printer for my work - if they do a good job, I may print more books, including some of my past work. I'm also hoping to change some of my layouts to include old-school detachable covers, etc.

I'm 50% through the Science Fiction guidelines... this variant takes TSRS and adpats it to a Sci-Fi setting. This variant will be available as a free download once it is complete. My target release date is sometime 2015Q1... it needs a considerable amount of playtesting and editing before it will be available.

I've written an article entitled "Luck Beyond the Roll" for & Magazine that should be published in February/March 2015. The article is heavily focused on TSRS but has been adapted to fit any system, including d20 and d100 games. Watch for that article in their next issue!

I'm pausing my mobile MTG business for 2015 so that I can focus more on TSRS and Colossevm. I have a lot of unfinshed work in the pipeline that I really want to complete - it's seriously bugging me that I have incomplete software (that's so close to being done) and 4 adventures that are nearly finished. I will spend the next several months wrapping these things up. Check back here for updates! Until then, enjoy!

October 10, 2014

Although it may seem that I've been neglecting TSRS or ThrowiGames work, that's quite the contrary. I've been busy writing both adventure material and code for Colosseum, an internet game due out in 2015. Sometimes, the work effort isn't seen by those outside my immediate circle of family, players, and friends... this website is *supposed* to inform all about the progress on my work, and the delay in updating these pages was unintended. I'm back now and hope to continue what we started. Without further apologetic nonsense, here is the status of work:

"False Promises", the first part of a three part adventure series, is now complete. It has been written for Moldvay D&D and will be available on Kickstarter on October 10th at noon (EST). I will also print it for TSRS in December or January (see the download page in coming months for details). Part 2, "Fury of Thringalesh" will release on Kickstarter in December or January, again in Moldvay D&D format. Part 3 (title not finalized) will be available in March or April of 2015. Lucas Pandolfelli has provided his fantastic artwork once again:

Additional adventures are still in various stages of completion - I have too many started! I hope to return to work on these once the three part False Promises series is over. I also have two or three other adventures outlined for writing (for 2015). Check this page and the downloads page for details on all the outstanding work...

Two adventures are in development by independent authors - one adventure will take place in Lunramal while the other is a campaign setting on the 3rd "unknown" continent in the ThrowiGames world. Both will likely be available for download in early 2015. More details soon...

Lastly, work continues on Colosseum. Nearly all of the backend (database) code is as complete as possible, and front end work has started (this of course will introduce more back end work too). I should have a working prototype of the game by March 2015. I've purposely kept quiet about Colosseum so as not to get too many people excited; the industry can be unforgiving with respect to game release dates, and since I'm bootstrapping this game and TSRS, I have to be reasonable about my spare time and when I can get the work finished. Things are moving well but there is quite a bit to do, and TONS of testing to complete.

Until next time, enjoy!

April 21, 2014

When your work life and your personal life both increase their demand on your time, what slides off the list for awhile? Hobbies, of course. My hobbies are writing TSRS and running mobile MTG events... and I'm still running MTG events every month. TSRS work has definitely fallen off since early February. I've done a little bit of work on it but I'm really not putting in the same effort as I did in 2012/2013. There's just not enough time in the week for everything! That being said, I've completed about 50% of the starting campaign adventure "False Promises", EC2 (TSRS2211). Why have I moved away from the other three in the works? Well, my players wanted to start playing again, and they know those other mods. A new series was needed, so I started this one. I'm not going to say too much about it (since my players may read this thread), but it's a 5 part series meant to take 4-6 adventurers from starting PR24 (easy) to PR42 (difficult). they will face things they've never faced before... We began our campaign last week, you can read the details of each session here. Each part of this series should be available for download a few weeks after it is completed by the group.

For the next few months, I can't promise more than the "False Promises" series. Work and life are just too chaotic right now. Take care and enjoy!

January 31st, 2014

January has been a busy and productive month! Where do I start?

The TSRS All-in-One Guide Kickstarter books (hardcover and softcover) have been printed and are now sitting at my home awaiting shipment to KS backers. I'm sending out surveys today to get addresses so that I can pack and ship these nicely produced books out early next week. PublishingExpress (softcovers) and BookBaby (hardcovers) did an amazing job printing these guides, and both shipped them out to me much faster than I expected! The print runs are 35 copies of the softcovers and 46 copies of the hardcovers - I have only a few spare copies of each to limit the runs to a small number. Our target delivery date to backers was March - we'll beat that easily.

The All-in-One Guide is likely the last major revision/production of the Core guidelines for a while. I'm not planning any major additions to the Fantasy theme in the near future besides a few odds and ends (e.g. Falling damage). There are a few more books to produce for the Core line but those are on hold for the time being. There are a few things I'd like to start/finish in 2014: 1) finishing the 3 adventures started last year, "In Defense of Thuil", "The Evil Within", and "Walking Dead in to Umfall" - they are each between 50 to 75% completed; 2) publish all current TSRS adventures to LuLu (for print copies); 3) 2014 Kickstarter - a digest sized boxed set for B/X [not for TSRS] in honor of D&D's 40th anniversary; 4) complete the special crossover GenCon module (AD&D and TSRS) "The First Annual Minecart Race"; 5) and if there is time, begin work on the TSRS Variant Guide (extends the core guidelines to Westerns, Science Fiction, Horror, and Espionage). A monumental task.

As mentioned above, I'm hoping to publish all current (and future) adventures to LuLu so that players can have the books printed professionally. I'm still working on the conversion of the first adventure; LuLu has some interesting formatting requirements that other publishers (like the ones I used for my KS work) don't have. This makes it hard to get them out there for printing. If this gets too difficult, I may switch up vendors (if I can find another print-on-demand company). More on this in the next few weeks.

On a different front, the Nomad Gaming part of the business (mobile MTG events) is starting to get busier. We've had a steady number of players each FNM event with the last turnout (January) being pretty good. We have two BNG events planned for February - things are looking good! You can find more information about my mobile game store business at

Until next time, enjoy!

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