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[ What is the Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System (TSRS)? It is a tabletop RPG designed to be light on rules and heavy on roleplaying. Most guidelines are optional so GMs can modify, add or drop whatever they wish. GMs can also submit their changes to the site for others to use. And the best part? The entire system is free! All guidelines, support tools, monster books and adventures can be found at the Downloads page. ]

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December 15, 2014

False Promises is printed and shipping out today and tomorrow. If you bought one, it will be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon! Next up on my agenda is to upload the PDF copy to DriveThruRPG (RPGNow), then to reorganize the TSRS version for a super-limited print run, likely around 12-20 copies. Fine tuning of Fury of Thringalesh continues. I'm up to around 25 pages of triple spaced text - that should result in about the same number of pages as the first book (after editing and illustrations). I hope to have illustration desriptions out to Lucas in the next 2 weeks.

We playtested part two (Island of Blight) of the four part series Trail of the Serpent God last week and it went well. Playtesters liked the mystery and play elements - the testing revealed a few gaps in the story that I've got to adjust (the reason why we playtest!). This series will take the adventurers east into the jungles of Nolgur-Wul. Once I've wrapped up Fury of Thringalesh for print, I'll begin work on part three of this series.

Not too much else to report at the moment - just working hard on completing all the outstanding work. Enjoy!

December 1, 2014

Work continues on several fronts: After my first print proof of "False Promises" (part one), I've changed the cover to handle the spine issue (seen here: Photobucket Slideshow). I should have a new print proof in the next day or two - assuming it's clean, I'll get 60-65 printed up this week. Then I should be able to pack them up this weekend, and ship them all out early next week!

I'm completing part two of the "False Promises" series (layout and editing, preparing for illustrations), and I'm starting the rough draft of "God Slayers", part three of the FP series. I've decided that I will release parts two and three of the FP series through a couple of channels only (right here at my website, Facebook, and Acaeum). I expect "Fury of Thringalesh" to be ready for print in January, and "God Slayers" in March or April.

My rough draft of the TSRS Science Fiction variant is about 75% complete - it's being reviewed by three different playtesters right now. I hope to playtest it sometime in December/January when my work is completed. It takes the TSRS rules and adapts to the SciFi genre... the Blessed and Magical Arts training styles have been removed and replaced with Science and Psionics. New advanced missile weapons (pistols, rifles, etc.) have created a need for new combat mechanics. For example, advanced missile weapons have three types: aimed, burst, and spread - these resolve differently than your standard weapon in combat. Additionally, I've created the guidelines for starship creation and combat, mutations, and new species and foes. I'm very excited about the variants! My son Ben is already working on the Western variant, specifically with a weapon handbook.

While we complete the rough draft revisions and playtest the SciFi variant, I'll continue to write/complete the work that is outstanding: there are four adventures for TSRS that *NEED* to be completed - these are a priority for me over the next 3-6 months. I also have a solo adventure that I want to print for GenCon 2015 submission - it will be released for TSRS and D&D 5e - it will need to be completed by April or May to make the cutoff I believe.

There seems to be too much work for one person but this system is my passion and I love writing. I'm going to continue to write TSRS work (including D&D, AD&D and 5e D&D variants) as long as you all keep buying my work!

Wow. One more month to go and it's 2015. Can't believe it.

November 18, 2014

One week after taking orders for "False Promises", we've capped the print run to 60 copies. There will be a few left over with most going to paying customers. I'm sending the files off to the local printer today and should see a proof in the next 2 days. I'm hoping they can print a color background but if they can't we'll likely go with a glossy white cardstock. I really hope the local printer does a great job with these - with several more print runs in the next year, it would be great to support a local business (with the associated conveniences).

I attended a small CT convention this past weekend - EllisCon, in Danielson. It was a great little con, with more attendees than I would have expected. The focus was mostly on MTG and board games, and although I ran TSRS there, I really didn't get many players interested in FRPs... but it looks like the table for Pathfinder was relatively quiet too. I think the con attendees were really focused on many of the newer games, with a few old favorites: Star Wars X-Wing, Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, MTG, and a few new card games I've never seen before (BigFootses?). It was fun to head out to the east side of the state for some gaming! And it was great to finally meet up with James Carpio! Next up will be AnonyCon in Stamford CT (if schedule permits) or TotalCon in February.

Well, time to get back at it. Until next time, enjoy!

November 12, 2014

The Kickstarter project for "False Promises" didn't reach its funding goal, but we're goint to print it anyway! Click this link for more details.

Other news: The writing for "Fury of Thringalesh" (part 2 of the FP series) is done but requires editing, art, and finished maps. We're on target for a January release. After the last KS misfire, I may only release this with the offline method - so, if you're ordering "False Promises" through this website, check back here for release dates and orders for part 2.

I'm trying out a local printer for my work - if they do a good job, I may print more books, including some of my past work. I'm also hoping to change some of my layouts to include old-school detachable covers, etc.

I'm 50% through the Science Fiction guidelines... this variant takes TSRS and adpats it to a Sci-Fi setting. This variant will be available as a free download once it is complete. My target release date is sometime 2015Q1... it needs a considerable amount of playtesting and editing before it will be available.

I've written an article entitled "Luck Beyond the Roll" for & Magazine that should be published in February/March 2015. The article is heavily focused on TSRS but has been adapted to fit any system, including d20 and d100 games. Watch for that article in their next issue!

I'm pausing my mobile MTG business for 2015 so that I can focus more on TSRS and Colossevm. I have a lot of unfinshed work in the pipeline that I really want to complete - it's seriously bugging me that I have incomplete software (that's so close to being done) and 4 adventures that are nearly finished. I will spend the next several months wrapping these things up. Check back here for updates! Until then, enjoy!

October 10, 2014

Although it may seem that I've been neglecting TSRS or ThrowiGames work, that's quite the contrary. I've been busy writing both adventure material and code for Colosseum, an internet game due out in 2015. Sometimes, the work effort isn't seen by those outside my immediate circle of family, players, and friends... this website is *supposed* to inform all about the progress on my work, and the delay in updating these pages was unintended. I'm back now and hope to continue what we started. Without further apologetic nonsense, here is the status of work:

"False Promises", the first part of a three part adventure series, is now complete. It has been written for Moldvay D&D and will be available on Kickstarter on October 10th at noon (EST). I will also print it for TSRS in December or January (see the download page in coming months for details). Part 2, "Fury of Thringalesh" will release on Kickstarter in December or January, again in Moldvay D&D format. Part 3 (title not finalized) will be available in March or April of 2015. Lucas Pandolfelli has provided his fantastic artwork once again:

Additional adventures are still in various stages of completion - I have too many started! I hope to return to work on these once the three part False Promises series is over. I also have two or three other adventures outlined for writing (for 2015). Check this page and the downloads page for details on all the outstanding work...

Two adventures are in development by independent authors - one adventure will take place in Lunramal while the other is a campaign setting on the 3rd "unknown" continent in the ThrowiGames world. Both will likely be available for download in early 2015. More details soon...

Lastly, work continues on Colosseum. Nearly all of the backend (database) code is as complete as possible, and front end work has started (this of course will introduce more back end work too). I should have a working prototype of the game by March 2015. I've purposely kept quiet about Colosseum so as not to get too many people excited; the industry can be unforgiving with respect to game release dates, and since I'm bootstrapping this game and TSRS, I have to be reasonable about my spare time and when I can get the work finished. Things are moving well but there is quite a bit to do, and TONS of testing to complete.

Until next time, enjoy!

April 21, 2014

When your work life and your personal life both increase their demand on your time, what slides off the list for awhile? Hobbies, of course. My hobbies are writing TSRS and running mobile MTG events... and I'm still running MTG events every month. TSRS work has definitely fallen off since early February. I've done a little bit of work on it but I'm really not putting in the same effort as I did in 2012/2013. There's just not enough time in the week for everything! That being said, I've completed about 50% of the starting campaign adventure "False Promises", EC2 (TSRS2211). Why have I moved away from the other three in the works? Well, my players wanted to start playing again, and they know those other mods. A new series was needed, so I started this one. I'm not going to say too much about it (since my players may read this thread), but it's a 5 part series meant to take 4-6 adventurers from starting PR24 (easy) to PR42 (difficult). they will face things they've never faced before... We began our campaign last week, you can read the details of each session here. Each part of this series should be available for download a few weeks after it is completed by the group.

For the next few months, I can't promise more than the "False Promises" series. Work and life are just too chaotic right now. Take care and enjoy!

January 31st, 2014

January has been a busy and productive month! Where do I start?

The TSRS All-in-One Guide Kickstarter books (hardcover and softcover) have been printed and are now sitting at my home awaiting shipment to KS backers. I'm sending out surveys today to get addresses so that I can pack and ship these nicely produced books out early next week. PublishingExpress (softcovers) and BookBaby (hardcovers) did an amazing job printing these guides, and both shipped them out to me much faster than I expected! The print runs are 35 copies of the softcovers and 46 copies of the hardcovers - I have only a few spare copies of each to limit the runs to a small number. Our target delivery date to backers was March - we'll beat that easily.

The All-in-One Guide is likely the last major revision/production of the Core guidelines for a while. I'm not planning any major additions to the Fantasy theme in the near future besides a few odds and ends (e.g. Falling damage). There are a few more books to produce for the Core line but those are on hold for the time being. There are a few things I'd like to start/finish in 2014: 1) finishing the 3 adventures started last year, "In Defense of Thuil", "The Evil Within", and "Walking Dead in to Umfall" - they are each between 50 to 75% completed; 2) publish all current TSRS adventures to LuLu (for print copies); 3) 2014 Kickstarter - a digest sized boxed set for B/X [not for TSRS] in honor of D&D's 40th anniversary; 4) complete the special crossover GenCon module (AD&D and TSRS) "The First Annual Minecart Race"; 5) and if there is time, begin work on the TSRS Variant Guide (extends the core guidelines to Westerns, Science Fiction, Horror, and Espionage). A monumental task.

As mentioned above, I'm hoping to publish all current (and future) adventures to LuLu so that players can have the books printed professionally. I'm still working on the conversion of the first adventure; LuLu has some interesting formatting requirements that other publishers (like the ones I used for my KS work) don't have. This makes it hard to get them out there for printing. If this gets too difficult, I may switch up vendors (if I can find another print-on-demand company). More on this in the next few weeks.

On a different front, the Nomad Gaming part of the business (mobile MTG events) is starting to get busier. We've had a steady number of players each FNM event with the last turnout (January) being pretty good. We have two BNG events planned for February - things are looking good! You can find more information about my mobile game store business at

Until next time, enjoy!

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