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TSRS Kickstarter - Live Project

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Text taken directly from the Kickstarter:

TSRS is a tabletop FRPG designed with flexible guidelines to allow for quick play and heroic adventuring.

The Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System (TSRS for short) has informally existed in pieces and parts for over 25 years. In early 2012, after finding my copious notes in a long forgotten box, I embarked on a mission to rebuild, rewrite and retest this system. After a year of testing and several rewrites, the system was ready for the public. Each piece of the system was electronically published separately, starting with the Core Guidelines in August 2012. I produced a PDF copy as well as 75 printed copies of the 21 page book.

There are many RPGs out there - what makes TSRS different?

This system was designed on the basic premise that rules were meant to be few and far between, easily memorized, and flexible enough for the situation at hand. No one wants game sessions slowed down because of rule-checking. Here are the core concepts for TSRS:

  • Quick Yet Risky Combat - low damage points and heroic actions result in fast paced combat and high risk situations. Adventurers survive with thoughtful game play, not just dice-rolling.
  • Fewer Rules - a simplified system means more time for role-playing and less rule-playing. GMs and players have more time to develop and play through the story!
  • Heroes Are More Powerful - Focusing on general skills and less on diverse specializations allows for more powerful adventurers. No "class boxing" characters!
  • No Named Spells - probably the most sandbox-like part of the system, heroes have magical points to spend when and how they wish. No need to memorize spells for that rare use.
  • Unique Treasure - GMs are encouraged to create one of a kind magical items. No more boring +1 swords (unless you want that).

I followed the Core Guidelines with several other manuals, including an Advanced Guide, four monster books, a magical tome, a World Guide, and a Community guide (with submissions from players and playtesters). These additional guides were only available as PDFs; none of them were ever printed. Throughout 2013, I received several requests from players for a single, comprehensive guide containing all the materials created thus far.

In mid 2013, TSRS was nominated for a GenCon ENnie. Inspired by the recognition, I decided to bundle all manuals created to date in to a single All-in-One Guide. A single guide would also answer the many requests of the community.

If funded, this project will produce a 96 page All-in-One Guide, available in print and PDF. The printed copies will be available in soft and hard cover options, and will be numbered and signed. This All-in-One Guide will not be available for sale after the Kickstarter in either electronic or print versions, this is a one time deal. My Kickstarter project is all about print - getting the book out there on real paper is my primary goal.

The All-in-One Guide is divided up in to sections that match the individualized guides previously built, with the exception of the Monster section - this will contain all four monster guides together in one chapter.

The All-in-One Guide starts with the Core rules, followed by the Advanced options and Community submissions. The Monster and Treasure sections follow with the World of Terra Minor closing out the 96 page book.

In the age where many systems have dozens of books filling hundreds of pages, TSRS strives for differentiation. I want less rules, not more. This All-in-One Guide has the core mechanics, monsters, treasure, and a starter campaign world - in less than 100 pages! It's quality over quantity.

To keep this Kickstarter project as simple as possible, I'm not including any add-ons or stretch goals. Besides making the reward structure simpler, this also keeps the cost of the All-in-One Guide down to a minimum.

There are no T-shirts, mugs, dice, minis, posters, or anything else that you really don't want or that can slow this project down. Your pledges go toward the support and/or purchase of the All-in-One Guide.

It is important to note that 100% of the material for the All-in-One Guide is completed - written, edited, and ready to be printed. The major artwork has been completed for months. This is not a Kickstarter where I begin writing *after* the project ends. It's a project where you get your book(s) soon after the project is over. This is how I want to produce materials for the gaming community.

Thank you for checking out this project! I hope you find it something worth backing.


Thom at Throwigames LLC Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I am splitting the print runs of soft and hard covers between two different publishers to minimize print time - the printers will work in parallel. It is still possible that one or both of the printing companies could run in to delays, preventing us from delivering in the expected time frame. Since I'm not writing anything after the project ends, I can focus on execution and delivery, and hope to mitigate issues as they arise - and properly communicate any and all issues to backers in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, with the shipping fees and hassles of international mail, I'm reserving this Kickstarter primarily for US backers with only a handful of international rewards - once those few are gone, they are gone.