Bringing Your Brain Back to the Game

Company Overview

Throwigames is dedicated to developing multiplayer online games that require strategic thinking and understanding more than a speedy internet connection or fast mouse click.

Recently, we've added a simple RPG tabletop game (Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System, found here) to our list of developmental projects. All other projects are on hold until this one is complete.

Company Mission

Bringing Your Brain Back to the Game. We wanted our games to be about strategy, thinking and analytics. We don't believe in micro-transactions, i.e. spending additional funds to get goods or services not commonly available to all players. The 15 year old working with a small allowance has the same chance of succeeding as the 30 year old with the well paying gig. It's not about how much money you spend... it's how much of your brain you use.


Our primary product is Colosseum, a graphics driven text-based game set in a Rome-like world where each citizen (player) develops gladiators, immerses themselves in political intrigue and struggles to gain prestige and power in an ever changing environment. Beyond the obvious allure to hand to hand, bloody combat in the arena, citizens also try to develop their servants and gladiators in other ways: the university, as olympic athletes, chariot race drivers and as stealthy information gatherers. Frequent prize-filled tournaments will round out the game system. Smart thinking citizens will prevail in Colosseum!

See our Product Release Schedule for more details


January 2010 - Starting in 2012

Releasing products through 2012 and 2013.


Thom Wilson

Owner (and software developer, writer, generalist). I've been designing roleplaying and software games my entire life. In the last few years, I've decided to try to complete a few of them. In 2010, I formally started work on the completion of Colosseum, a game I began writing (in one form or another) over 19 years ago. The operating systems, software and deployment methods have changed but the work is still the same: wringing passion from my mind and fingers in to code.

Our Logo


The logo is merely a simulated Romanesque coin. It features a fictional Emperor (from the Colosseum game) and dice which of course represent gaming, in both the digital and table top aspects. It also includes our tagline, "Bringing Your Brain Back to the Game". The Roman Numerals 'MMX' represent the year Throwigames officially started.

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