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Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System

Core Guidelines
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1001 Core Guidelines original 21 page Guidelines 9/8/2012
TSRS1001 Core Guidelines - PRINT original 21 page Guidelines Out of print Noble Knight Games
TSRS1001e Print Copy Core Guidelines Errata Sheet 1 page errata 12/4/2012
TSRS1005 All-in-One Guide (Kickstarter) 96 page Guidelines Out of print Noble Knight Games

Advanced Guidelines
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1002 Advanced Guide Advanced options for game play. Includes movement, constructs, and area of effect spellcasting. 10/31/2012
TSRS1003 GM Guide A helpful guide for GMs. Includes adventure design, monster selection (type and number), and magical item creation. 2015 Not yet available
TSRS1004 Battle Guide Advanced options for mass combat. Includes new specializations, guidelines for quick troop resolution, and new equipment. 2015 Not yet available

Guideline Accessories
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1101 Lusus Naturae I Monster Guide; monsters from PR1 to PR12. 9/15/2012
TSRS1102 Lusus Naturae II Monster Guide; monsters from PR13 to PR24. 9/30/2012
TSRS1103 Lusus Naturae III Monster Guide; monsters from PR25 to PR42. 1/29/2013
TSRS1104 Lusus Naturae IV Monster Guide; monsters from PR43 and beyond. 1/29/2013
TSRS1111 Human Races of Terra Terra Minor - the Human Races. 2015 Not yet available
TSRS1201 Res Magicus Magical guide containing simple items, including armor, weapons, and potions. 8/23/2013
TSRS1202 Res Magicus II Magical guide with rare and unique items, including artifacts of extreme power. 2015 Not yet available
TSRS1501 Terra Minor World Guide Starter campaign world. November 2013
TSRS1502 Adventure Map Guide An index for TSRS adventures and their location in Terra Minor. 2015 Not yet available

GM Accessories
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1401 GM 3-Panel Screen 3 pages, tables only - you add cardbaord 9/4/2012
TSRS1411 GM Experience Sheet 1 Adventurer only 9/3/2012
TSRS1412 GM Experience Sheet 4 Adventurers (less areas) 9/3/2012
TSRS1413 GM Experience Sheet 4 Adventurers (more areas) 9/3/2012
TSRS1414 GM Experience Sheet Generic sheet, 4 adventurers 2015 coming soon!
TSRS1415 Experience Chits Fast Awarding XP Cutouts PDF 2015 coming soon!
TSRS1421 GM Encounter Sheet (1 encounter, 5 foes) 9/3/2012
TSRS1422 GM Encounter Sheet (2 encounters, 2 foes each) 9/3/2012
TSRS1423 GM Encounter Sheet (4 encounters, 1 foe each) 9/3/2012

Adventurer Sheets
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1301 Adventurer Sheet Instructions Instructions for players 9/3/2012
TSRS1302 Adventurer Sheet Generic sheet 9/3/2012
TSRS1310 Adventurer Sheet V2 Generic sheet 2/21/2015
TSRS1303 BA Adventurer Sheet Blessed Arts specific sheet 9/3/2012
TSRS1304 MA Adventurer Sheet Magical Arts specific sheet 9/3/2012
TSRS1305 TH Adventurer Sheet Thievery specific sheet 9/3/2012
TSRS1306 CO Adventurer Sheet Combat specific sheet 9/3/2012
TSRS1307 Mount Sheet sheet for your trusty mount 9/3/2012
TSRS1308 Companion Sheet sheet for your companion 9/19/2012
TSRS1309 Construct Sheet sheet for your construct 1/18/2013

Solo Adventures
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
ES1 "Crypt of Mandazed" A recently discovered crypt may contain unbelievable wealth! 9/28/2012
MS1 "Lair of Goblin King Grasnhak-Kul" Town officials, tired of the endless goblin raids, seek a hero to infiltrate the goblin lair and defeat their king. 11/15/2013
DS1 "Another Knight Like This" Merchants have hired a hero to assassinate a local tyrant. 10/19/2012

Group Adventures
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
E1 "Mysteries in Mannath" Several mysteries in a small town require savvy heros willing to risk life and limb for defenseless villagers. 6/17/2013
E2 "The Evil Within" Four teenagers return from a hunting trip to find their home in complete disorder. 2015 Not yet available
M1 "Walking Dead in to Umfall" After saving Mannath from itself (see E1), the heroes investigate the newly deserted town of Umfall. 2015 Not yet available
M2 "Welcome to the Swamp" The heros are caught in the middle of a long-standing border war between humans and lizardmen. 2015 Not yet available

Campaign Series I [PRINT/PDF]
Product Name Detail Available Date PDF Link
EC2 "False Promises", TSRS version, white cover "For two weeks, shipments of ore and gold from Principal Mine 127 have not arrived in Bordovia. All messengers sent to the mine to investigate, including Sivonan soldiers, have not returned. Baron Ungur Wyrmbul demands to know what has happened to his top producing mine. He cannot send any more troops to investigate the mine and nearby town of Kwaltist, with his border forts near Darkhome already insufficiently supported. Who will investigate the missing shipments and solve the mystery at Kwaltist?" 2014Q4 Check PRINT options...
EC2 "False Promises" Foe Worksheet Monster grids for foes found in the TSRS version of False Promises 2014Q4
FP1 "False Promises", D&D B/X version, blue cover [same as above] 2014Q4 Check PRINT options...
MC2 "Fury of Thringalesh", TSRS version "A new evil has emerged within northern Sivona. Rumors of fanatical dwarves marching north toward Darkhome have spread across the land. It is said that they transport a massive block of glass, shrouded in mystical gloom. Small villages have been destroyed as this growing entourage drives northward. Some say that each village is left with a contingent of fanatics, and a newly constructed shrine dedicated to an unknown god." March 13, 2015 Check PRINT options...
FP2 "Fury of Thringalesh", D&D B/X version [same as above] February 27, 2015 Check PRINT options...
FP3 "God Slayers", multi-system version tbd September 2015 Print and PDF coming soon.

Campaign Series II [PRINT/PDF]
Product Name Detail Available Date PDF Link
TSQ1 "In Defense of Thuil" Starting adventurers defend a border town from unknown invaders. June 2015 Check PRINT options...
Thuil Player's Map Players map of Thuil June 2015
A Brief History of An'ka'tak One page document supporting TSQ1 June 2015
Kasna-Felgur, the Cursed Wanderer One page document supporting TSQ1 June 2015 coming soon...
Pre-gen adventurers for TSQ1 2 page PDF (TSRS and 5E characters) June 2015 coming soon...
TSQ2 "Island of Blight" Adventurers track the Red Priests to a mysterious jungle island. August 2015 Not yet available
TSQ3 "Trail of the Serpent Queen" The trail continues deep in to the jungles of Nolgur-Wul. October 2015 Not yet available
TSQ4 - Title TBD The trail comes to an end in the jungles of Nolgur-Wul. December 2015 Not yet available

Exclusive Series [PRINT/PDF]
Product Name Detail Available Date Link
MH1 "The Miller's Blunder" The miller of Afonsby has made a terrible mistake! His lust for riches threatens to take the most precious possession away from him... his daughter! A local clergyman may have an answer to the dilemma but needs the help of brave adventurers to find an ancient artifact. Can the heroes find the magical item in time and save the young girl from certain death? March 2015 Check PRINT options...
"The Miller's Blunder" - Supplemental Additional background information for "The Miller's Blunder". April 1st, 2015
NTX1 "The Great Minecart Race" The annual festival in a nearby town has added a new event that has the region buzzing with excitement! Teams of risk-takers will ride minecarts at breakneck speeds down in to the bowels of a nearby mountain to retrieve a wooden token – the first team to return to the surface with their token wins one thousand pieces of silver! Who will win the First Annual Minecart Race? June 2015 Check PRINT options...
RC1 "The Full Moon Ransom" - Supplemental Additional background information for RC1 September 2016

TSRS Planned Variants
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS6001 Guidelines for Sci-Fi Games Adaptation of the TSRS Core for Science Fiction rpg August 2015 Coming Soon!
TSRS7001 Guidelines for Espionage Games Adaptation of the TSRS Core for spy rpg 2015 Not yet available
TSRS5001 Guidelines for Western Games Using the Core Guidelines, this variant includes new specializations, combat rules for gunfights, and new weapons. 2016 Not yet available
TSRS8001 Guidelines for Horror Games Adaptation of the TSRS Core for horror rpg 2016 Not yet available

TSRS Variant Adventures
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
NTX2 "Scavenge the Sands", SCI-FI Variant Traveling for months in unfamiliar lands, the adventurers and their families have finally secured a water source. Food however, is the same persistent problem. After a recent windstorm, someone spotted a strange hill to the north – a sandy dune with many doors, seemingly abandoned... what could this be? You have been selected to scout this new area, to search for food and more importantly, threats to your new encampment. Are you ready to Scavenge the Sands? June 2015 Check PRINT options...
NTX2 "Scavenge the Sands", Supplemental Journal Entries, PDF only June 2015

System Generic Books
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
Excursions Has your party strayed from the planned adventure route? Do you need a quick and simple adventure to fill an area while they explore? Excursions is a xx page digest that provides a GM with several 2 page excursion adventures - these adventures can be used whenever the GM is in a pinch. Each adventure has multi-level options and is usable by most fantasy systems. [only available in print, no PDF option] 2015 Kickstarter or here, TBD

Community Submissions
Product Name Detail Available Date Download Link
TSRS1075 Community Submissions Submissions from the TSRS community. 1/21/2013
TSRS1051 Guidelines for Submission Guidelines for submission. 12/2/2012
TSRS1051 Word Template Guidelines for Submitting Rules 12/2/2012
TSRS1051 Open Office Template Guidelines for Submitting Rules 12/2/2012
TSRS1052 Guidelines for Submitting Adventures Guidelines for Submitting adventures 2015 Not yet available

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