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Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System

TSRS is a simple tabletop RPG designed to be heavy on roleplaying and light on rules. Quoting the introduction:

Welcome to the Throwigames Simple Roleplaying System! This game system was designed nearly 25 years ago, just after I graduated from high school. In those days, I spent much of my time thinking about roleplaying games rules and what I liked and didn’t like. I felt that sometimes, game systems were too cumbersome or the rules would slow game play down. I enjoyed “role playing”, not “rule playing”. I liked the focused interaction between the players to solve problems, defeat monsters and to gain in power. The more games I played though, the more the rules seemed to take over.

This game system was designed and developed with one desired intention: to develop a free roleplaying system that could be started by one and grown by many. With nearly every guideline listed as optional, GMs can feel free to drop, modify or use each and every suggested rule as they see fit. My hope is that if someone comes up with a better idea for the guideline, they share it with everyone here.

Release Schedule: The TSRS guidelines have been available for download since August, 2012. See the download section for versions and availability. Also, see our official Product Release Schedule for download target dates.


What can I say about a game I've written on and off for over 19 years? It's now part of my blood, my soul. It has to be finished. Colosseum details can be found in the About Us and News sections of the site. I think I have about a year of development and testing left before it's done.

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