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ShireCon - September 22nd, 2018

ShireCon 2018, Sponsored by:

and Mill Comics & Games, 40 Main St., Suite 218, Biddeford Maine 04005

ShireCon 2018 Program PDF, CLICK HERE

What is ShireCon?

ShireCon is a one-day gaming event in the Berkshire Mountains. Set in the historic and quaint town of Falls Village, Connecticut, this board and roleplaying convention gathers tri-state area gamers together for a one-day event in the beautiful autumn weather of New England! Visiting the quiet and picturesque little town with more cows than people is a great getaway for those coming from the hustle and bustle of larger communities.

What is Happening at ShireCon?

The one-day convention features roleplaying games and board games primarily, although other games are allowed as pickup games at open tables. We're not trying to be a multi-media convention that features video and card games, cosplay and LARP events. These are simply not what this event is about (nor do we have the room for such things). If you're looking for both old school and new RPG gaming, or complex multiplayer board games, this convention is for you!

Events at ShireCon

Detailed Events and Badge Registration are found at: Table Top Events

The doors open at 8am for early registration, scheduled games run during two time slots: 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm. The raffle will take place at 1:30pm. The doors close the night of the con around 7pm. Vendors will be able to arrive by 7:30am the morning of the con to set up their table.

Who is Attending ShireCon?

You, we hope! But a few notable industry guests plan to visit the convention:

Jeff Talanian

Well known author and creator of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Jeff Talanian will be traveling down from New Hampshire to set up a vendor booth for his latest hard cover as well as running a game of AS&SH. Don't let his mild demeanor fool you - his Hyperborean games are deadly.

North Wind Adventures website

Erik Tenkar

Erik 'Tenkar' Steine is a podcaster, blogger and Kickstarter watchdog that lives in the NYC area. His daily podcasts and blogs on old school gaming and opinions on Kickstarter projects are heard and read by thousands of devoted fans. Erik and his wife Rachel will be in attendance at the con, likely running a game of Swords & Wizardry Light in the morning slot and spending time talking with attendees in the afternoon.

Tenkar's Tavern website

ShireCon Vendors

Chris Korczak - specializing in old and new RPGs

BRW Games - Adventures Dark and Deep and Castle of Mad Archmage series

North Wind Adventures - Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

ThrowiGames - producer of RPG materials for several systems

ShireCon Sponsorships

Want your name or logo on the ShireCon program as a proud sponsor of the convention's first year? Email us at: to discuss adding your name/logo to the program and this webpage to let people know you support small, local cons!

Where is ShireCon?

The convention is located at the Falls Village Children's Theater, 103 Main St. in Falls Village, CT 06031

The venue is located off of a main road (Route 7) that runs through northwestern Connecticut - this road is easily accessible from New York State and Massachusetts via several connecting roads and highways.

Coming from Boston?

Massachusetts Turnpike, Westbound, Exit 2 in Lee

Get on Route 7 Southbound in Stockbridge - this eventually takes you right into Falls Village

Coming from NYC?

Use Route 22 North into Amenia, NY

Take Route 343 into Connecticut (Sharon)

Take Route 41 North into Lakeville

Take Route 112 East into Falls Village (connects to Route 7)

Coming from NYC by Metro North?

Get off the Last Stop on the Harlem Valley Line at Wassaic (Amenia, NY)

Arrange for your own transportation from train station to venue!

Coming from eastern Connecticut?

Use Route 4 West to Torrington, CT

Stay on Route 4 West to Goshen, CT

Take a right onto Route 63 North at the traffic circle

Take a left onto Route 126 - this takes you into Falls Village

Coming from the west?

Route 44 is a good route into Connecticut from the west

ShireCon Venue Details

The venue is handicapped accessible and has ample parking for 40-45 vehicles on the street and behind the building (signage will indicate where ramp and vendor access can be found). The facility has for two bathrooms, one each for men and women and each stalled for two occupants at a time. Snack food will be available on site, and a boxed lunch service will be provided for those that prepay and order a week before (information to come). Additionally, two restaurants are within walking distance of the event.

What Does it Cost to Attend ShireCon?

One-day badges are $10 for adults and free for teens and vendors. Badges at the door the day of the event will be $15 for each attendee, regardless of age. Unless you arranged for lunch in advance, you will have to bring your own food or visit one of the local establishments for lunch and/or dinner. Parking is free. The raffle is also free. At this time, there is no auction event planned.

Note that additional donations accepted at the door (registration table) may be given to to the Falls Village Children's Theater or put towards next year's event.

Where Can I Eat Nearby?

Two restaurants are within walking distance. There are several within 5-15 minute drives. See the list below for more details.

Falls Village Inn

33 Railroad Street, Falls Village, CT 06031; (860) 824-0033

[walking distance] Lunch and Dinner - visit Falls Village Inn

Toymaker's Cafe

85 Main St., Falls Village, Connecticut 06031; (860) 824-8168

[walking distance] Breakfast and Lunch

Mountinaside Cafe

251 Route 7 South, Falls Village, CT 06031; (860) 824-7876

[5 minute drive] Breakfast and Lunch - visit Mountainside Cafe

Mountainside will handle our boxed lunch offering - note that this is only an "in advance" offering

Mizza's Pizza

6 Ethan Allen Street, Lakeville, CT 06039; (860) 435-6266 or (860) 435-6466

[delivery available] Lunch and Dinner

Great Wall Kitchen - Chinese Food

97 Church St, Canaan, CT 06018; (860) 824-7399

[no delivery, 10 minute drive] Lunch and Dinner


101 Church St #4, Canaan, CT 06018; (860) 824-7404

[no delivery, 10 minute drive] Lunch and Dinner


18 E Main St, North Canaan, CT 06018; (860) 824-5281

[no delivery, 10 minute drive] Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Where Can I Stay if I want to Stay Overnight?

There are several hotels and Bed & Breakfasts within 10-15 minutes of the venue. The list below represents only a few choices - others may be found with an online search.

Falls Village Inn

33 Railroad Street, Falls Village, CT 06031; (860) 824-0033

Walking Distance to the Venue, Limited Rooms - visit Falls Village Inn

Interlaken Inn

74 Interlaken Road, Lakeville, CT 06039; (800) 222-2909

10 Minute Drive to the Venue, - visit Interlaken Inn

Inn at Iron Masters

229 Main St, Lakeville, CT 06039; (860) 435-9844

15 Minute Drive to the Venue, - visit Inn at Iron Masters

Locust Tree Bed & Breakfast

131 E. Canaan Road (Route 44), North Canaan, CT 06039; (860) 824-8035

10 Minute Drive to the Venue, - visit Locust Tree Bed & Breakfast

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