ThrowiGames Convention Calendar

North Texas RPG Con

June 6th - 9th, Dallas, TX

Dead Men Tell New Tales

“The nobles of New Harbortown are dismayed by the news of a missing courtesan, the Lady Anna d'Lannatta. Her husband swears she was abducted by the smooth-talking swashbuckler, Cortezzo Fadamazzi. All ports and roads leading in or out of New Harbortown are closed until the kidnapvictim is found. Hildric Vendor himself has offered a bounty of 5,000 gold coins for her return and double if the offending privateer is brought to justice. Are characters willing to accept a bounty that will surely lead them into the dangerous and corrupt world of pirates and buccaneers?” [B/X]

The Girl with the Jade Eyes

A young man is on his way to meet his new bride in a remote village and trouble ensues! Can the bridegroom, his close friend and complete strangers work together to rescue the Girl with the Jade Eyes? If this story sounds familiar, then this game is for you. [S&W]

Batteries Low, Getting Dark

The broadcast over makeshift communication devices has been loud and clear, repeating every hour on the hour for days. After pinpointing the approximate source, your group has decided to investigate the continuous message to the south... [GW 1E]

Operation: Window Dressing

It's your first assignment after joining the agency and completing your training. Your mission is to infiltrate a small, high-tech pharmaceutical plant operating in rural, western Massachusetts, to investigate recent transmissions between the company CEO and a known terrorist organization in Europe. The company's latest drug has been approved to combat a deadly new virus was initially found in Florida that is now rapidly making its way up the East Coast. The timing of the virus, the fast-tracked antidote, and the transmissions between the organizations seems highly coincidental - a team is needed to investigate the facility to search for clues. [Top Secret 1E]

ShireCon 2

September 21st, Falls Village, CT