ThrowiGames Interviews/Reviews

Interview/Review List

I've given several interviews on the radio and in podcasts over the last few years. This page has a link to each interview or review of a ThrowiGames Product. Additionally, there are sidebar links to the latest episodes of interviews.

Podcast At Ground Zero

While my Gamma Zine Kickstarter project was live, the guys over at Podcast at Ground Zero asked if I could answer a few questions about the zine and its contents. I had a good time in the interview and enjoyed talking with Jarred and Scott about all things post-apocalptic.

Tenkar's Anchor Podcast

Eric Steine has a regular Anchor podcast where he interviews creators and publishers. When my name was pulled from the hat, I joined Eric for a round of questions and chat about gaming, publishing and conventions.

Nutmeg Chatter

J. Timothy Quirk is a local radio host and producer of interesting retro radio shows. He had heard I was running a convention last September and wanted to have me on the air to talk about the event and some of my work.

Save or Die

The hosts at Save or Die reviewed one of the early issues of my fanzine Back to BasiX, adding their thoughts on the content and artwork. Carl and Chrispy take a detailed look at issue #4.

Ol' Man Grognard Reviews

Glen Hallstrom reviews Dead Men Tell New Tales by Throwigames and NTRPG Con. This book was the 2019 con exclusive that Mike and I wrote. It has an old school look and feel and can be used along side X1: Isle of Dread.

Reviews from R'lyeh

Pookie reviews Gamma Zine #1 and #2 by Throwigames. These fanzines were written to support 1E Gamma World.