More About ThrowiGames

Who or What is ThrowiGames?

We were founded in January 2010 and began publishing our own work in 2012. However, most of work has been produced in the last 3 years.

Thom Wilson - a gamer his whole life, always more interested in creating than playing. After his first time as a dungeon master, he knew that this was the only way he wanted to play RPGs - as a campaign builder and storyteller. He's always searching for another game to try. By day, Thom works as a database administrator and developer; by night, he writes gaming software, develops RPGs, and plays all manner of tabletop games.

The logo is merely a simulated Romanesque coin. It features a fictional Emperor (from a Colosseum game that was never finished) and dice which of course represent gaming, in both the digital and table top aspects. It also includes our tagline, "Bringing Your Brain Back to the Game". The Roman Numerals 'MMX' represent the year Throwigames officially started.