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Preorders and ShireCon 2020

2020 NTX Books Printed

I picked up the two NTX books from the local printer today and they look great! I numbered and signed each copy tonight and will begin prepping them for mailing tomorrow and Thursday. I'm guessing I'll be able to start mailing them after the holiday but a few may sneak before the weekend.

There are only a few left over from the print run (more of the Gamma World than the Desolantia book). I'll hold on to those for a while before selling them later. I'll probably open up the PDFs on DriveThruRPG late next week. The print-on-demand books will probably be a late July or August offering.

Lost Lands World Anvil Subscriptions

I have been asked to provide an adventure each month for the first 12 months of the Level 3 Subscription for World Anvil - Lost Lands. The subscription service just went live last week and new subscribers should get the first book in the initial 6 book series right away. I'm currently writing the 5th book for this subscription level - I'm way ahead to ensure backers gets books every month!

For more information, visit the Frog God Games website!

Older News

After adding the latest news, I'll use this section to keep older news and information.

20200620 Updates

I've finally closed down the pre-order links for the two NTX books, and have sent the file to my local printer. They have them on their list to print this week, likely by Friday. I should have them in my hands by the 30th and will begin mailing them after the July 4th holiday.

I'm not sure when I'll open up the PDF and PoD sales on DriveThruRPG for these books. Probably July for the PDF and later in the summer for the PoDs. Stay tuned!

Preorder Update (20200605)

NTX 2020 Preorders are finally available! Both books, "Last Vestige of Hope" and "Into the Charred Maw" are digest-sized books for Gamma World and Desolantia (new system from ThrowiGames later this year). Both will be available as print-on-demand books but are being offered here first, as signed and numbered premium prints.

These two books, offered in a premium print run, will only be available for a short time. You can find them HERE.

Preorders (20200524)

Although the North Texas RPG Con is moving toward a virtual event, it hasn't stopped my production of physical books for the show. I'll be taking preorders for two small, b&w digest books soon: "Last Vestige of Hope" (1E Gamma World) and "Inot the Charred Maw" (Desolantia, TG house system) are both through edit and awaiting final illustrations.

I'll post a link to the preorder page in the coming days.

ShireCon 2020 News (20200523)

More conventions, now including GameHoleCon 8, are canceling with mass gathering and social distancing rules continuing to prevent the gathering of gamers in large settings. Regardless of what you believe about the pandemic, the reality is that large gatherings can be dangerous. With most conventions of any size cancelnig their in-person events, caution dictates that we may have to follow suit.

I have questions out to the town and venue about gathering in Spetember. Their response will likely determine our status sooner than later. Stay tuned.

ShireCon News (20190731)

I have not been as diligent as I should be in updating the website on progress - I've been so busy! But here is a quick rundown of how things look... Eighteen events are approved and scheduled - there are no outstanding submissions at this time. There are no more 1pm slots but a couple of 9am slots remain. Also, the evening has lots of room for scheduled and pickup games. I've ordered a test print of two t-shirts - they arrive in the first week of August. The special con dice are in the mold now. We should se what they look like soon! Finally, I've begun ordering supplies - badge holders, lanyards, drawing tickets, and table covers. Next week, I'll order the new banner and roadsigns, and put up the t-shirts and dice for sale (I hope). Progress!

We added our fourth and final special guest: Tim Callahan! A prolific writer for several systems, Tim will be around to sign books and run a DCC Lankhmar game in the 1pm slot.

ShireCon News (20190615)

I've added two more events to the calendar in TableTop Events - one for my evening B/X game and the other for the Role Initiative, a great organization that runs D&D Adventurer League events. They will bring the first 5E game to ShireCon! We're still looking for more events (I know of two more GMs that have to submit games) - please consider running a game in the adternoon and/or evening slots!

I hope to complete the attendee bags in the next two weeks, and begin work on the exclusive adventure for the convention. I'll begin roughing out the con program soon, finishing it when we get closer to September and all the games have been submitted. The con is still 3 months away but as we all know, time flies - September 21st will be here in no time!

NTRPGCon News (20190514)

I should finish the NTX 2019 exclusive adventure tomorrow and have it off to the printer by the end of the week. This has been a bit of roller coaster, with content and art coming in later than I originally wanted. But, the folks I've worked with know that it's important to meet the deadline to have this book available for the convention. I'm hoping the last piece of art comes in today or tomorrow. All layout, edits and maps are 100% complete. All but a few pieces of interior art are placed and ready. Just looking for the final bits to fall into place in the next day or two.

I'll be running this exclusive adventure on Wednesday night (June 5th). I might even have one to give away to my players. They should have a few hundred for sale at the con for those looking to get this exclusive. I believe they'll have last year's reprinted again too.

ShireCon News (20190513)

Now that I'm through the heavy work for NTX, I've returned to ShireCon II planning and activity. I'm hoping to upgrade my "Thank You" coins this year - I'm talking with a craftsman about some really nice designs. The bags and logos have come in but I need a half day to put those together. I'm hoping for a couple of more cool little items for the swag bag, just have to finalize a couple of ideas first.

We're up to 40 badges, that's more than half of last year's total. I'm hoping we reach 100 participants this year! If you haven't purchased your badge yet, you can do so here.

New ShireCon Logo (20190421)

We're close to opening up event submission - probably in the next day or so. Watch for news here for the announcement. The biggest change to event submission this year is that we will only be accepting RPGs - no board games as scheduled events. There will still be tables for open gaming for board games but we'll reserve tables for RPGs. If we get close to the con date and there are still open slots, I may open them up for any submission. But for starters, RPGS only.

I'll also be listing t-shirts on the site for sale this week. I'm going to price them at $20 for Small to XL, and $30 fo 2X and up. You'll be able to find the t-shirts in the Merch section of TableTop.

Spring Cleaning Bundle (20190407)

**UPDATE: Offer has expired.** I'm offering a limited time only bundle of ThrowiGames books to try to clear the shelves for new stock in 2019. Three different bundle sizes are available, ranging from $15 to $45 for US locations only.

New ShireCon Logo (20190403)

Travis Hanson, an artist you may have seen in my Back to BasiX fanzine and Excursions covers, has just finished the new logo for this year's ShireCon. You can find it on the ShireCon II page. We'll be putting this logo on shirts, banners and programs.

I completed/published TWO fanzines in March - check out Back to BasiX and Gamma Zine at!

ShireCon 2 Badges Open! (20190324)

ith the website completed, I've announced that ShireCon badges are open for purchase. There are sponsorship, vendor, special guest, and attendee badges available here! I'll open event submission in the next 2-3 weeks - keep your eyes and ears open for that news.

New Website Live (20190323)

I've finally completedt the vast majority of the website, getting all but a couple of pages in working order. My goal was to get the ShireCon and home pages updated first - this has been accomplished. Next, I'll tackle the smaller pages, focusing on product details, last year's ShireCon and convention news. More to come!

New Website Work Begins (20190318)

I'm more than 75% done, adding product info and links throughout the site. The most important pages are done - both the home and the ShireCon II (2019) pages are ready to go. The timeline may move up to the end of this week. I'm anxious to get this done so that I can move on to other work.

A completely new website is under construction. It's not like I disliked the old one but it was time for something new, something fresh, something updated. I've found a style I like so I've begun changing it entirely. I hope to have it ready by the end of March.