ThrowiGames News and Updates

Latest News

Spring Cleaning and ShireCon II

Spring Cleaning Bundle (20190407)

I'm offering a limited time only bundle of ThrowiGames books to try to clear the shelves for new stock in 2019. Three different bundle sizes are available, ranging from $15 to $45 for US locations only. You can find the offer here.

New ShireCon Logo (20190403)

Travis Hanson, an artist you may have seen in my Back to BasiX fanzine and Excursions covers, has just finished the new logo for this year's ShireCon. You can find it on the ShireCon II page. We'll be putting this logo on shirts, banners and programs.

I completed/published TWO fanzines in March - check out Back to BasiX and Gamma Zine at!

Older News

After adding the latest news, I'll use this section to keep older news and information.

ShireCon 2 Badges Open! (20190324)

ith the website completed, I've announced that ShireCon badges are open for purchase. There are sponsorship, vendor, special guest, and attendee badges available here! I'll open event submission in the next 2-3 weeks - keep your eyes and ears open for that news.

New Website Live (20190323)

I've finally completedt the vast majority of the website, getting all but a couple of pages in working order. My goal was to get the ShireCon and home pages updated first - this has been accomplished. Next, I'll tackle the smaller pages, focusing on product details, last year's ShireCon and convention news. More to come!

New Website Work Begins (20190318)

I'm more than 75% done, adding product info and links throughout the site. The most important pages are done - both the home and the ShireCon II (2019) pages are ready to go. The timeline may move up to the end of this week. I'm anxious to get this done so that I can move on to other work.

A completely new website is under construction. It's not like I disliked the old one but it was time for something new, something fresh, something updated. I've found a style I like so I've begun changing it entirely. I hope to have it ready by the end of March.