ThrowiGames LLC Detailed Announcement

2023 Business Plans, February 9th, 2023

This announcement’s release was planned for mid-January, but with the rollercoaster ride of Wizard of the Coast’s OGL news dominating the internet, I decided to hold off until the dust settled.

And settle, it did! Indie publishers throughout the land rejoiced when the news dropped that our precious OGL 1.0a was snatched back from the dumpster fire that had been encircling it in previous weeks. Those of us worried about producing work for our beloved game systems of yesteryear no longer needed to fret about our futures – we could continue to make zines, adventures, and supplements for the old games we love. This announcement makes it easy to reveal the ThrowiGames line-up for the first half of 2023 – everything is back on the schedule!

We’ll start February off with a choose-your-own-adventure-style book called Trouble at Mill Manor. This book is the first in what will likely be a new series called Seize Your Destiny. Using my free-to-download CHAOS system, this solo adventure book takes the reader through the grounds of an abandoned manor in search of missing family members.

An excerpt from the book’s introduction:

“On the outskirts of town stands a decrepit and abandoned mill, once owned by the now-missing Ulbrecht family. Most would steer clear of its ominous facade, but a reward in silver awaits the brave soul who can disentangle the mystery that lurks behind its doors. You've heard stories of the family's rumored connections to travelers both strange and grotesque. You could use the bounty, but you can't help but ponder the real cost of accepting this tenebrous task. What will await you within the shadowy halls of Mill Manor?”

Trouble at Mill Manor will launch on Kickstarter on February 6th and will run for two full weeks. You can find it HERE.

On the heels of Trouble at Mill Manor will be the release of the 12th issue of Back to BasiX. This long-running ‘zine will highlight articles and ideas from James Michael Spahn and myself, featuring new adventures, another comic by Travis Hanson, and a new cover by Brian Thomas. The book will release directly to in PDF format first, with a later release in print-on-demand.

Back to BasiX #12 will be available on later in February.

After initially deciding to abandon the Patreon page due to OGL concerns, I haven’t looked back, even when the news broke that we’d be okay with the OGL1.0a. Now that I’ve made the determination to upload my brochure adventure line to DriveThruRPG instead, I have left the Patreon platform in the rearview mirror. I have six double-sided brochure adventures for OSE and Mork Borg ready to upload soon – I’m just waiting for the two aforementioned projects to get moving before I can shift the finished files to DriveThruRPG. I have two more brochure adventures in development, as well as full translations to Five Torches Deep to follow the six to eight releases. These will only be available in PDF – they are home-printable and can be folded into a six-panel brochure with ease.

Brochure adventures will be available at in early February.

Mork Borg Bundle

OSE Bundle

The third installment of the classic B/X extended series will return to NorthTexasRPGCon in 2023 – Beyond the Lost City, by myself and Charley Phipps, will see a limited print run in June. This book extends Moldvay’s Underground City encounters, adding five more fully fleshed-out adventure areas for GMs to add to their Lost City campaigns. A retro pastel cover with inside-cover blue maps pays homage to the original adventures of the 1980s. Although the book is in the early stages of final layout, I estimate it will be in the neighborhood of 64 or more pages.

Beyond the Lost City will be available at NorthTexasRPGCon in early June. Attendees get the first crack at the limited print run – consider attending to get your copy. Note that the first two installments of the series, Caves of the Unknown and Dead Men Tell New Tales, can be obtained directly from the convention organizer, Michael Badolato, and on eBay.

Between March and June, ThrowiGames plans to add one or two more projects. These may include Gamma Zine #4, Trail of the Serpent Queen #3 (and #4), several adventures for Frog God Games (to be announced), and a 13th issue of Back to BasiX. We also have a few big surprises for the 2nd half of the year that will be unveiled in a few months. Stay tuned!

Also, a final note on upcoming ThrowiGames releases. Although the technology in AI art is improving at an unparalleled speed and its cost seems ever so enticing, I have decided that my relationships with artists are too important to abandon. For the foreseeable future, no ThrowiGames products will incorporate AI-generated art, save only for products that are being offered for free. Illustrations created by human artists, many of whom have become great friends, will be used exclusively in all projects that cost money.

Thanks for supporting ThrowiGames! --Thom Wilson